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Is my electronic health record safe?

| 30/06/2016

Of course, your electronic health record is always kept safe because the record runs in a state of the art system to prevent security breaches and protect the security of your information.

How can I make an appointment with doctors after registering?

| 30/06/2016

For making an appointment, you need to enter a name of doctor, clinic or hospital, and then choose doctor and schedule. Click http://v2.bacsi24x7.vn/en/how-to-use/ to see more.

Hi Dr! It’s my fifth month of pregnancy. Rubella positive IGG test 94.6 (N<10), rubella IGM negative 0.390 (N<1), i wonder if my child is able to have rubella infection in the early stages or not? Thanks.

| 30/06/2016

Lab result shows you are infected with rubella but it does not show time you are infected. If the first three months of pregnancy you have no any symptoms of the viral infection and rubella IGM antibody concentrations of children decreased in test times after 2 weeks, you do not need to worry rubella virus […]